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Hi'ilawe is one of the tallest and most powerful waterfalls in Hawaii located on the Big Island. The waterfall drops about 1,450 feet (442m) into Waipio Valley on the Lalakea Stream. There is private land to cross and depending on weather you may not see much water as it can dry up some without rain. There is a special mana (spiritual force) that women used to go to the falls to give birth, and many of the local males who live in the valley do not go to the falls for this reason.


A video from the backyard at a Luau shows some young girls with various hula styles and Maui in the distance dances on their arms and head,

Intro Drone

A video from the air of the road that goes into the valley and a view of the house on the ridge.

Views Waipio Valley

A birds eye view from your backyard or Lanai into the valley.

Mauna Kea

A short drive to the tallest mountain from base to summit is 45 min away. Spectacular views as the sun goes down and a ancient temple (heiau).

Waipio Cookhouse

A new open air cafe with a view. We highly recommend this as a place to eat for breakfast lunch or dinner.

coqui frog

Part of the night sounds at Waipio

Muliwai trail

A long hike to the next uninhabited valley over  -- Waimanu

Driving Down Waipio

A video shot by guests of the valley.

Driving Down Into Waipio

A video shot by guests of the valley.

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